Dr. Courtney Rhodes graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004. Her experience includes dairy and mixed animal practice as well as small animal practice in Newark, Delaware and Lancaster, Pa. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys spending time with her four children and two dogs as well as playing outside, knitting, and listening to audiobooks. Her favorite season is Fall.

Dr. Jamie Rhodes joined Nonantum in 2012. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. His experience includes private practice in Newark, Delaware as well as research and teaching with a specialty in pediatrics, genetics, and reproduction. Most recently, Dr. Rhodes taught Comparative Medicine at Hershey Medical Center as an Assistant Professor. In his free time, Dr. Rhodes enjoys spending time with his wife, Courtney, four children: Penny, Annie, and Delia, Woody, and his three dogs: Rooney, Dempsey, and Manny.